Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Naked No Sugar Added Juice Scam


How about this? “No sugar added” on the front of the Naked juice container. The reality? It’s full of sugar – 53 grams or more than 13 teaspoons.

The biggest #food marketing scam ever. "Green Machine" "No sugar added" contains 53g of sugar from juice. Not cool.

— Adam Brown (@asbrown1) April 15, 2016

The sad reality is this is not even uncommon. Plenty of juice sellers put “no sugar added” on their boxes, no matter how misleading it is.

Some may say that juice contains “natural” sugar, distilled from fruit. Well the sugar in soda comes from nature too. From corn (in the US) or sugar cane (in Europe).

It’s really not much of a difference – same amount of sugar, same sugar. Except soda does not come with the words “no sugar added” on it.


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