Friday, December 11, 2015

Another Paleo Baby: Sick Only Once in Her Life – But Dietitian Freaks Out


Here’s a child that gets a wonderful start to life. Real Paleo foods and breastfeeding. She’s only been sick once in her life, with a cold.

So what’s to worry about? Plenty, apparently, as a dietitian warns of a lack of grains leading to an “unbalanced” diet. It’s unclear what “unbalanced” means, as it has no scientific definition. But it probably refers to a diet that does not match the dietitian’s religious dietary beliefs.

Scientifically or evolutionarily there’s no need whatsoever for grains in the diet.

Daily Mail: The baby girl who has never eaten a carb: Meet Grace, who has been on the Paleo diet since birth – and her fitness fanatic mum says she has only been sick once in her life

As a sidenote we give our two daughters – 1 and 4 years old – a very similar start in life, with similar foods and some breastfeeding for almost two years. The kids are almost never sick, apart from the occasional cold with very mild symtoms.

I can’t even remember when the oldest daughter had a real fever last time, must be more than a year ago. And the youngest, well I don’t think she’s ever had a high fever.


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