Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fried Eggs


Are you looking for an amazingly simple low-carb breakfast to get you started? Well, it does not get much easier than this.

Fried Eggs

Even easier to make in the morning than boiled eggs. Fry the eggs quickly in plenty of butter and enjoy with something green instead of bacon. The nutritional facts are based on the eggs and the optional cheese.

Fried eggsDifficulty: Easy
Cooking time: 5–10 min. Preparation time: None.

Ingredients, 4 servings

8 eggs
½–1 oz. (25–50 g) butter for frying
Salt and pepper
4 oz. (100 g) sliced cheese (optional)


Add butter or coconut oil to a frying pan and heat.

Add eggs and fry them the way you like; sunny side up, over easy or otherwise. Salt and pepper to taste.Anne600x332

Optional: Put sliced cheese on top of the eggs and let melt.

Serving suggestion: Arugula lettuce and some fresh herbs.

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