Friday, March 31, 2017

Is Fat Killing You, or Is Sugar?


Is it the fat or the sugar in your diet that is causing harm? Here’s an interesting article and historical account of that question – going through everything from the great fat-scare in the mid-20th century to the impact of pioneering journalist Gary Taubes:

The New Yorker: Is Fat Killing You, or Is Sugar?

However, beware of the not-so-up-to-date conclusion to eat everything in moderation. This conventional and “common sense” piece of advice has failed miserably for decades, illustrated by the exploding disasters of obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Ghosts of Diets Past, Present and Future

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Nina Teicholz’s Best-Seller “The Big Fat Surprise”: How the Low-Fat Diet Was Introduced to America

Top videos about the history of low carb

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