Monday, January 30, 2017

What’s the Use of the Diet Doctor Membership?

What is the most important reason that people sign up as Diet Doctor members? We asked our members and got 1,400 answers. This is what people replied:


As you can see, the top four reasons why people become members are:

  1. To lose weight,
  2. To improve your health,
  3. To support the Diet Doctor cause and
  4. To reverse diabetes.

Here’s how the membership helps you with these things:

1. Lose weight

Two things at the membership site help you lose weight – meal plans and videos.

The meal plans are a practical tool that shows how we would do a well-formulated low-carb diet to lose weight, and the videos provide the science behind weight loss.

Or you can check out our new meal planner (free trial).

Chicken Skewers with Root Celery Fries and Spinach DipMon
Butter-Baked Fish with Brussels Sprouts and MushroomsTue
Mushroom and Cheese FrittataWed
Asian Cabbage Stir-FryThu
Cheese-Filled Chicken Breast with GuacamoleFri
Creamy Fish and Broccoli CasseroleSat
Pork Chops with Cabbage CasseroleSun


If you’re interested, here are our top videos about losing weight on low carb:


2. Improve your health

Eating low carb is an excellent way to improve one’s health – and once again, we offer many videos on the topic as well as simple meal plans to make the transition to a low-carb diet as smooth as possible. Here are our top videos about health:

3. Support the Diet Doctor cause

We want to help people everywhere to revolutionize their health – and are very glad that people want to support our cause by becoming members. Here’s a video explaining what it’s all about:

You can become a member here and get immediate access to our meal planner service, our 190+ low-carb TV videos and an ask the experts section.

4. Reverse diabetes

Diabetes is a disease characterized by excessive amounts of sugar in the body – so an effective strategy to improve the disease is to cut out that sugar from one’s diet and go low carb!

Once again, the delicious meal plans are there to help you with practical implementation and the videos to explain why it works.

Feel free to check out our new meal planner (free trial).

Hamburger Patties with Creamy Tomato Sauce and Fried CabbageMon
Creamy Chicken CasseroleTue
Low-Carb Salmon PieWed
Keto LasagnaThu
Pesto Chicken Casserole with Feta Cheese and OlivesFri
Low-Carb Cauliflower Pizza with Green Bell Peppers and OlivesSat
Stuffed Cabbage CasseroleSun


Here are our top videos about diabetes:


Are there any other reasons why you would become a member at Diet Doctor? Please comment in the section below.

Try the membership

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Do you want to get access to our meal planner service, check out our 190+ low-carb TV videos and ask our experts your questions? Try the membership (free for 30 days).

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