Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Can Fasting Be Dangerous?

Here’s a treat: Dr. Stephen Phinney, expert on ketogenic diets and performance, answers questions related to weight loss and health in the video above.

Dr. Phinney has a slightly more skeptical perspective on fasting than some other experts. Specifically, he worries about the results of extended fasting (more than 24 hours) on protein loss and the risk of re-feeding syndrome.

Personally, I think it’s clear that longer periods of fasting (over 24 hours) results in some loss of lean mass. However, the loss is way smaller than most people believe, and under most circumstances it’s simple to regain that lean mass between fasting periods. At least if you eat high-quality foods when you’re not fasting.

To listen to Dr. Phinney’s thoughts on fasting you can skip to 46 minutes into the video above.


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