Thursday, November 3, 2016

“I Haven’t Looked Back. My Picture Speaks for Itself”

Before and after

Before and after

Denise had tried all the usual diet plans. She was able to lose some weight, but could never keep it off… Until she stumbled upon the Diet Doctor site and started her low-carb journey, that is. She’s lost 116 lbs (53 kg)!

The E-mail

My name is Denise… this is my story:

I have always struggled with my weight… like most people who are overweight it didn’t happen overnight. I was a chubby kid who turned into an obese adult. At my heaviest I was 315 lbs (143 kg)… maybe more. That was what I was the last time I was weighed.

I tried all the usual plans… Nothing lasted… until now.
I tried all the usual plans… weight watchers… Jenny Craig… low fat, no fat and starvation. Nothing lasted… until now. I came across the Diet Doctor website and my life changed drastically. I was skeptical but felt I had little to lose.

I was on the verge of having weight-loss surgery… the prospect scared the pants off of me… so I dove into the LCHF lifestyle. I haven’t looked back. That was 19 months ago. I am now down more than 116 lbs (53 kg). My picture speaks for itself.

Thank you, Andreas, from the bottom of my heart… I couldn’t have done it without you…


Great job, Denise! We’re so glad to hear that we’ve been able to help you on your way to better health.

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