Monday, November 28, 2016

“Here I Am Seven Months Later and I Rarely Suffer from Migraines”

Before and after

Before and after

Natalie suffered greatly from migraines. She realized that keeping her blood sugar levels low was vital for avoiding migraines, and decided to try a low-carb diet in order to keep it in check.

This is what has happened after seven months:


My name is Natalie and I’m 23 years old. I’ve suffered from migraines since elementary school.

In order to manage my migraines I must keep a stable blood sugar level. I tried to achieve this by eating often, the very same moment that I started to feel shaky and developed a headache. Which was very often! I quickly grabbed a sandwich or a fruit. You probably understand that this didn’t work at all, my blood sugar dropped very soon and I was overweight!

So I started searching the internet for keeping a stable blood-sugar level, and I read that a low-carb diet might be the solution.

And here I am seven months later and I rarely suffer from migraines (only when I’ve cheated) and I am 25 kg (55 lbs) lighter!


Congratulations Natalie! What a fantastic journey.

It’s quite common for people to experience an improvement with fewer migraine episodes on low carb.

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