Thursday, November 10, 2016

Disaster Food for Diabetics at a Canadian Hospital

A healthy meal for diabetics?

When a person with diabetes ends up in the hospital, they should be able to expect decent food. Something that does not make them sick. Food that does not spike their blood sugar, requiring extra medications.

Unfortunately, there is a high risk of severe disappointment. There’s a high risk that the hospital food will be dreadful, and even dangerous.

Here’s a disastrous example from a Canadian hospital. Bread, potatoes, skim milk and grapes – a perfect storm for sending the poor diabetic patient’s blood sugar sky high. This requires extra insulin. Worst case, the result can be a hypo event, and a need for more carbs, keeping the health-destroying roller coaster going.

It’s a disgrace when organizations responsible for people’s health end up instead damaging it, due to this level of complete ignorance.

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