Saturday, October 8, 2016

BBC: “Diabetes – The Hidden Killer”

Diabetes is a great epidemic and a killer that can cause severe complications such as heart failure, blindness, kidney disease and leg amputations. If you really want to get depressed, watch the very good new BBC documentary “Diabetes – The Hidden Killer” by clicking play above.

It doesn’t have a low-carb perspective, but it does emphasize the fact that the disease is mainly caused by lifestyle factors.

So how do you reverse type 2 diabetes? Use our resources below.

Reversing it

If you want to learn more about how to reverse your type 2 diabetes, or troubleshoot if you run into any problem, check out our full guide below. Alternatively choose the quick start guide with only 2 simple steps!


“Diabetes Is Not a Chronic Disease”

“Fixing Dad” – Doing the Opposite to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Now on BBC

Top videos about diabetes

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