Thursday, October 13, 2016

American Diabetes Association: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with “Diabetes-Friendly” Sugar

Definitely not recommended if you want to manage your diabetes

The American Diabetes Association apparently wants to give you diabetes in their new campaign America’s Diabetes Challenge. How will they accomplish that? By recommending that people with diabetes use recipes such as this one, full of sugar and other carbs:

American Diabetes Association on Facebook: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this diabetes-friendly recipe!

The good news is that this insanity resulted in huge pushback, with over 500 angry Facebook comments from people.

Update October 13: To their credit, the ADA removed the recipe due to the avalanche of criticism and posted this explanation on Facebook:

Yesterday we posted a dessert recipe, and after further reflection and community feedback, we realized it was missing important context to show how people with diabetes can incorporate dessert into a balanced meal plan – information such as portion size and how to enjoy sweets in moderation. It’s important to work with your health care provider and nutritionist to figure out an approach to meal planning that works best for you.
At the request of our social media community, we have deleted this content from our Facebook and Twitter pages. We truly appreciate your feedback – we missed the mark, and will keep this in mind for future posts.

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