Saturday, August 27, 2016

Huge Drop in Soda Consumption After Berkeley “Soda Tax”

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Does anybody still doubt that a soda tax would have a big impact on consumption?

If so, think again. Soda consumption has quickly plummeted by 26% in Berkeley – the city that recently implemented the first US “soda tax”. This while other cities close by have increased their consumption.

The difference is even greater in “sports drinks” (which really just are sugary drinks in disguise).

Los Angeles Times: Berkeley Sees a Big Drop in Soda Consumption After Penny-Per-Ounce ‘Soda Tax’

Mexico has also recently seen a big drop in soda consumption after they implemented a soda tax.

One study investigating statistical correlations, predicts that a national soda tax in the US might save $23.6 billion in healthcare costs. Of course this is just based on statistics and educated guesses, but it could very well be true.


Is It Any Wonder Big Soda Is Going to Fight This One?

UK Soda Tax Introduced in Bold Move Against Childhood Obesity


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