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“Ever Since That Day I’ve Been Eating LCHF and No Doctor in the Whole World Can Ever Change That”

Before and after

Before and after

Peter suffered a horrible headache that nearly made him faint, and he was rushed in an ambulance to the emergency room. At the ER he was quickly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He was sent back home with the advice to “eat like you’ve always done and take your medications”.

Then, after some time he listened to a presentation by a coworker about LCHF, and he immediately decided to try it, even though newspapers had stated it was “life threatening”. This is where he’s at four years later:

The E-mail


My name is Peter Andersson and I am 52 years old. Four years ago, in the middle of the summer, I was struck by a terrible and increasing headache. I nearly fainted from the pain and was rushed with an ambulance to the emergency room. They were able to pretty quickly note that I had diabetes type 2. My blood pressure was 190/120 and my blood sugar were at 18 mmol/l [325 mg/dl].

They were concerned that I also had cerebral hemorrhage due to the headache, but after two days of testing I was able to go home. In retrospect, it feels like quite a horrible experience: before I was discharged I got to meet a diabetes nurse for 10 to 15 minutes.

She adviced me to “eat as usual”, take my medications, read a couple of colorful brochures from some pharmaceutical company and track my blood sugar with a used blood sugar meter that I could take home.

Back at work in August, my boss informed me that a colleague from Linköping who had heard of what had happened wanted to come and hold a presentation about diet and health as early as the same week.

I thought that it sounded amazing but I already knew what to eat and the importance of movement, the dietitian had already told me about this at the hospital.

The colleague came and the first slide he showed contained four letters, LCHF. I didn’t know what LCHF was at the time but I had read a couple of headlines from newspapers that stated that it was life threatening.

I was able to manage my blood sugar very quickly, I started to feel great and within 6 months I had lost 20 kg [44 lbs].
The presentation made me very interested and afterwards I decided immediately that I should try this! Ever since that day I’ve been eating LCHF and no doctor in the whole world can ever change that. I was able to manage my blood sugar very quickly, I started to feel great and within six months I had lost 20 kg [44 lbs]. During these past four years I haven’t had a single cold, no sore throat, no headaches (I used to suffer from tension headaches). I haven’t had a bloated stomach or felt the need to stuff myself with food, instead I am pleasantly satisfied after meals.

I have also picked up running after 15 years of no exercise. I now run at the same pace as I did during my active career as a soccer player. I can however add that my doctor still wants to put me on statins and blood pressure meds as a “preventative” measure.

I want to thank one of the members of team DietDoctor: my colleague and friend Fredrik Söderlund for the presentation that changed my life.

Peter Andersson


Congratulations Peter, this is a very inspiring story!

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