Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“Fixing Dad” – Doing the Opposite to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Now on BBC


Can you fix your dad’s diabetes by making him cut out starches, refined flour and sugar? That’s exactly what Ian and Anthony Whitington did to their 62-year old father Geoff with type 2 diabetes.

After seeing him falling into depression, gaining weight and risking amputation, the sons decided to take dramatic action:

DailyMail: These Sons Reversed Their Father’s Diabetes by Making Him Cut Out Pasta and Bread

The official advice given to people diagnosed with Type 2 is that it’s a life sentence… we wanted to prove we could actually ‘fix’ it.
By doing the exact opposite of the guidelines, Geoff got fantastic results. After a few months, he was no longer overweight and was able to come off his diabetes medications.

The entire story is told in the documentary “Fixing Dad”, and it’s now available to watch on BBC online if you’re in the UK:

BBC: Fixing Dad

Do you know somebody that could be inspired by this story?

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