Thursday, June 16, 2016

“When I Give Advice to My Indian Relatives, They Are Shocked”


Should Indians trade rice, fruit and bread for high-fat foods such as ghee and eggs in order to combat the rising number of diabetics in their country? Dr. Aseem Malthora thinks so!

If you are Indian, I would recommend no more than two portions, three maximum of fruit a day.

India has the second highest percentage of diabetics in the world. Dr. Malthora, one of the most influential people in medicine and science in Britain and the youngest person to be appointed to the board of trustees by the King’s Fund, has a few suggestions to reverse this problem that go against conventional advice.

First of all, sugar should be avoided, along with vegetable oils, refined carbohydrates and juice. Fruit should be limited to no more than two portions per day. Dr. Malthora emphasizes that there is no proven benefit of lowering cholesterol through dietary means. It doesn’t seem to prevent stroke, heart attack or death, so people should not be afraid of eating high-fat foods.

Furthermore, exercise has many benefits, but it treats neither obesity nor diabetes. Only diet does!

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Rediff: Ghee, butter, cheese, eggs: Yes! Sugar, carbs: NO!

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