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Low-Carb Living – in Ketosis

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How do you successfully eat low carb for life? And what’s the role of ketosis?

Dr Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD, knows more about this than almost anybody. He has researched adaptation to very low-carb diets (and exercise) for a long time.

Above is a segment of Dr. Phinney’s presentation in Cape Town, where he talks about how to get the brain and body to run on ketones, freeing ourselves from relying on carbohydrates (transcript).

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Low-Carb Living – Full presentation

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This talk has been amazingly popular. Here’s what our members are saying about it:

This was amazingly helpful to me. I was wondering what Professor Phinney meant when he kept saying, “a well formulated ketogenic diet”. Then he showed a sample of what he eats in a day. I could see from that where I need to make adjustments in my diet to resume weight loss. Very informative. Great speaker. Easy to listen to and not at all boring.
– Patty

This is such an awesome video. Thank you so much for providing such informative content to help me stay motivated with LCHF. This website has been truly life-changing!
– Adam

This is essential information. I need to take more salt and more fat while still losing weight. Professor Phinney makes it very clear in this video it is a must to keep healthy.
– Dolores

Popped over to watch a couple of minutes of this video; ended up watching the whole thing. Very interesting and accessible.
– Jane

I have been following the LCHF / Ketogenic lifestyle advocated by Stephen Phinney, for the past 14 months. The weight loss has been great, the reversal of pre-diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, IBD, inflammed joints, eczema, hay fever and gum disease has been amazing. But the icing on the cake (excuse the pun:-) is not having to fight the constant, relentless hunger that ruled my life and tormented me for years – I feel truly liberated.

I feel truly liberated.

I now understand that I am no different from my northern European ancestors who evolved to survive long harsh winters. I need to eat like them if I’m to survive my modern environment now. I will be forever grateful to those people like Stephen Phinney who challenged the current dogma and went against the grain 🙂
– Maryanne eating saturated fat is fine as long as you are eating low-carb as the body will then burn the fat instead of it circulating in your bloodstream. This really was enlightening. Thank you.
– David

Watch it

Low-Carb Living – Full presentation

Start your free membership trial and you can watch it instantly – as well as many video courses, movies, interviews, other presentations, Q&A with experts, etc.

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