Monday, June 13, 2016

“I Don’t Feel Like I’m Five Years Older – More Like Five Years Younger!”


Before and after

A few years ago Johanna was scheduled for gastric bypass surgery for her obesity. At the hospital she got cold feet and declined. Instead she went on a low-carb diet and lost 112 lbs. (51 kg):

How to Lose 112 Pounds With LCHF Instead of Gastric Bypass Surgery

So what has happened since then? She just sent an update:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

I just had to send you these pictures of myself! There are five years between the pictures.

I have sometimes struggled to be strict, but then I’ve made an effort to, and felt so much better. I know my body doesn’t tolerate sugar and simple carbohydrates. I still have a few pounds left to my goal weight.

I work out four times a week. I never thought I’d be able to do this!

I would never have done this well or felt so good, if it weren’t for low carb! I don’t feel five years older – more like five years younger!

All the best and thank you!


Congratulations on your fantastic weight journey and for keeping it up, Johanna!

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