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“There Are Now 112 Pounds Less of Me”

Before and after

Before and after

Malin’s daughter hinted in a caring way that her mom should think about her weight – and pointed her to

Here’s what happened:

The Email

In March 2015, my daughter came home from a long trip to Asia. We were having dinner together when she brought up my obesity in a very gentle way, but saying that she was worried and wanted me in her life. “You really should think about your weight”. By then the scale displayed 298 lbs. (135 kg), to go with my 5’9″ (176 cm). I consumed lots of junk food, candy, chocolate and soda.

She directed me to your page and told me to read up. Said and done, I read the beginner’s guide and eliminated all sugar and followed the rule of thumb about 5 g carbohydrates/100 g product. The first few days I could hardly walk straight and could not sleep at night. But then things started to happen! My arthritis and the numbness in my hands disappeared. The pounds started to melt off, rapidly! I felt better and got more energy and wanted to do things and move more.

Now, at the end of March 2016, I weigh 185 lbs. (84 kg). I have ten more pounds to go until I reach my goal 176 lbs. (80 kg), but I am so happy that your website exists and that my daughter showed it to me.

A big thank you for all the advice and tips you share!



Congratulations on your fantastic health improvement and weight loss! Thank you for sharing your story, hopefully it will inspire others to do what you’ve done.

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