Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Engineer Who Knows More Than Your Doctor

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Can an engineer know more about how to get healthy than his doctor, in fact more than his three doctors?

When it comes to using nutrition, the answer is yes. Meet Ivor Cummins, who quickly had to become an expert to cure himself.

Ivor Cummins is a well-trained problem solver. And when blood tests showed liver problems – the very common issue fatty liver – Cummins set out to find the solution to the problem. And he soon found it. Soon he had lost lots of weight and his liver problems were totally gone.

It all begged the question – why did an engineer quickly understand how to get healthy again using nutrition, when the doctors did not?

I interviewed Ivor Cummins a few weeks ago and it’s a truly interesting and insightful story. Above is a short segment from it.

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Watch the Whole Interview

The Engineer Who Knows More Than Your Doctor5.0 out of 5 stars5 star96%4 star3%3 star0%2 star0%1 star0%26 ratings2612:55


Ivor Cummins’ blog The Fat Emperor

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