Saturday, March 19, 2016

Results From the Low-Carb Challenge


Week 1 groceries

Our new two-week low-carb challenge brings massive success. Since January more than 16,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc.

So what could happen if you were to take the challenge? Here’s some of the feedback from this week.


WOW!!!This has changed my outlook on food completely. Hello real food!…
To be honest I feel relieved that finally I have an eating plan I can follow, enjoy and now incorporate into my life without fear of ‘falling off the diet wagon’ as I feel I’m not on one!…
I am revelling in the looks on my friends, family and colleagues face when I tell them what I am eating but whilst I am reeling in horror now at their Slimming world eating plan and all the ‘low fat’ processed food…
I would recommend this to anyone who may be looking to lose weight and I tell people about it when I can!
The shopping lists are provided too, again making it easy. The recipes are easy to follow and taste good the next day too!
I lost 7.5lbs in two weeks and 1 inch off my waist, hips and tummy
Thank you, Diet Doctor!!

I thought the Low Carb Challenge was excellent. I appreciated the fact that you had done all the planning for me. That is often the hardest part. The recipes were easy to make, used readily available ingredients and tasted great.
I did not follow the plan 100%, but I ate much better than I would have on my own. The daily emails and encouragement were a big help, too.
Thank-you for making all this available at no cost. I am very happy to have discovered your site, and have recommended it to friends.

Thank you! My wife and I just completed the challenge and we both enjoyed it very much. Our energy levels improved and our achy joints have improved. I also lost 10 pounds and my wife lost 3. So we are going to keep it rolling. I guess you never realize how much this world relies on processed foods and sugar until you start paying attention. So here’s to the rest of our lives LCHF thank you so much.

Hi Andreas
I lost 6 lbs over the two weeks. Today I was able to do far better at the gym.
I haven’t had any cravings for sugar, biscuits or chocolates. :)
It has made me aware that the majority of food on shelves in a store has sugar in it.
I have enjoyed it the challenge. I have felt strong minded and NOT weak with a tendency to give in to food with sugar.
I have eaten when hungry, which has been good. I wasn’t always able to stick to the meal suggestions as it was easier to have a salad for lunch. Quite often I need something quick and easy. I would like to see more combination salad options.
The reading material on your website has been excellent and informative. Thank you.
I intend continuing with the low carb as I have a lot of belly fat and 2 stone to loose. I think secretly I am still dubious about the amount of fat I am feeding my body.

I really enjoyed the low carb high fat diet, so I will be continuing with it. I have lost about 4 kilos, so am feeling great. Thanks.

I have lost 12 lbs. so far. I actually started 3 weeks ago, however this is an eating plan I can easily adapt as a life plan. I am not hungry and I do not plan my day around food anymore. I did fast for 3 days for spiritual reasons, but those lbs came back, else it would have been a 14 lb lost. Even tho it is 12 lbs, on the inside it feels like more, no longer feeling bloated. I have about 45 lbs to go. I’m 62 but I don’t feel like it! My mom list 40 lbs way back in the 60’s on a low carb diet. So, I know this is a true way of eating. Once you know how the body utilizes fat and sugar for energy, your body does the work for you, working from the inside out. Garbage in, garbage out is the old saying… But I say, good in, good out!

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