Thursday, March 31, 2016

Does Low Carb Have a Cholesterol Problem?

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Can a low-carb diet be bad for your cholesterol? No… and maybe.

Most people get great cholesterol values on a low-carb diet. The only thing that usually goes up is the good HDL cholesterol, which is fantastic. This has also been shown in studies, where people on average improve their cholesterol and reduce their risk.

But even if a majority improve their cholesterol, a small minority of people may get significantly higher bad LDL cholesterol. This happens whatever type of measurement we do. Is it dangerous? Nobody knows for sure. So what do we do? Ignore it?

Dr. Sarah Hallberg (of TEDx fame) says no – we can’t ignore these people. In this presentation from the recent low-carb conference in Vail she discusses what we should do instead – and how to think about your cholesterol on a low-carb diet.

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