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Ask Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt About LCHF, Diabetes and Weight Loss

Andreas Eenfeldt

Are you starting with LCHF and have questions about the lifestyle? On the member site you can ask Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, the founder of Diet Doctor.

Here are a few recently answered questions:

Diabetes type 2, LCHF and medications

Hi Dr. Andreas,
I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes during thanksgiving week 2015. The very first thing my primary care Dr. was put me on Janumet 2 pills daily.

I immediately change to a LCHF diet and I now make it a point to cook my own food for the most part. I also try to make it to the gym at least 4 times a week (combo of weights and cardio), or if I can’t make it to the gym I do a thirty minute walk. As of yesterday I making it a point to stop eating at 7 pm and not to eat again until after 9 am.

When I last saw my PCP I asked him if we could reduce the dosage he was like we have to stabilized your blood sugar. If you stop you could have a heart attack is what he told me. I’m going back to have my labs in Feb 15, do you have any advice on how I can get him to set me free from this drug?


If your labs turn out great – which they could, considering the great things you’re doing – it may be reasonable to try to stop the drug and do another test in a few months. Discuss it with your doctor – I doubt he’ll have any objections if your blood sugar is great.


How much fat?

Natural foods with under 5% carbs are recommended under LCHF, a moderate amount of fatty protein and an implied sizeable amount of leafy green and above-ground veggies, say 6-7 cups, and added fat. The amount of fat is supposed to make up 60-80% of our daily food intake. I find it hard to see, even with intentional added fatty foods such as butter, good oils, yoghurt, animal fats, cheese, nuts, etc, that fat content would get close to this level. Am I missing something? How can we be sure we are consuming the requisite level of fat? Your advice, clarification would be appreciated. Thanks Andreas.


The percentages refers to energy percent. Pure fat contains 9 calories per gram, veggies close to 0 calories per gram. So no need to eat huge amounts of fat as it is very energy dense, just add all you need to feel satisfied and not hungry.


Digestive issues

I am convinced that LCHF is the way to go for me as in ketosis I feel so much better. However I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis, coeliac disease, and gall bladder disease. I am finding that when I eat high fat be it bacon and eggs or a creamy sauce or coconut milk or even fish oil capsules I get diarrhoea very quickly. Thinking this is gall bladder not coping but not sure. Feeling frustrated that as I try to resolve one chronic condition I muck up the other!

My weight loss had stalled but started up again once I got the macros right (had been too low in fat) but now have reduced fat again so I can get on with the rest of my life, weight loss stalled again. With 20g carbs, 79g protein, my fat is to be between 96 and 126g. Been in ketosis since early September 2015. Any suggestions?


Diarrhea is not that uncommon when starting out on a higher fat diet. It tends to get better and disappear within days, weeks or, worst case, months.

I’d suggest eating smaller servings of fat but more often at first, if it’s a big problem. That should minimize it while the body adapts.


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