Monday, February 1, 2016

Why Counting Calories is Not Useful


Counting calories as a strategy to lose weight is broken. It just does not work. Here’s another good article about why:

The Atlantic: Rethinking the Calorie

Here’s the problem. The article concludes that calories is not the answer and then it assumes that the real answer must be found by some other kind of advanced science. But that’s simply wrong.

People used to have a good weight before, before the obesity epidemic, before calorie charts, before there even was such a thing as science.

All animals in nature eating their natural foods maintain a normal body weight. They do not count calories. Animals do not have to listen to scientists telling them what to eat or how to live their lives. They do not have obesity surgeons cut them open and remove healthy organs to lose weight. They are just normal weight anyway.

When it comes to personal weight control, we need less science, not more. Just eat real food, and only when you are hungry. That’s it for most people.

If that’s not enough and you want to keep your gut organs intact, reduce the carbs (sugar, flour) or do intermittent fasting. Or, ideally, both.


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