Monday, February 1, 2016

Low-Carb Challenge Results

I just finished our two-week low-carb challenge. The results? I enjoyed it quite a bit. Good food and after the first few days there was plenty of it (we’ll keep tweaking the amounts) so I was never hungry.

I also had breakfast every day, which I usually never do (scrambled eggs every day, with added bacon and salmon on the weekends. And I loved the leftovers for lunch, it saved me so much time!

My favorite meals were the pesto chicken, the low-carb pizza, the low-carb burgers and – even though it took quite some time to make – the low-carb lasagna.

As a bonus my significant other, Kristin, enjoyed not having to cook for two weeks.

Despite adding one meal a day I still lost 1.2 kilos (2.4 pounds). Probably as I ate fewer carbs than usual (I probably have like 50 grams a day usually) and did not snack at all. Since I had put on a couple of pounds during the holidays I don’t mind losing them this easily.

Have you just finished the challenge? What were your results?

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People who have significant amounts of excess weight tend to lose significantly more weight on the challenge.

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