Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Biggest Loser: “Everything That’s Wrong With Weight Loss in America”

Do you want to lose weight long-term this year? Then it would be better to avoid watching the upcoming 17th season of the less-popular-than-before show. Why? It’s “everything that’s wrong with weight loss in America, as Dr. Yoni Freedhoff says:

Guardian: ‘It’s a miracle no one has died yet’: The Biggest Loser returns, despite critics’ warnings

Studies show that The Biggest Loser not only breeds prejudice against people with obesity, fat shaming also lowers will power, increasing the risk of gaining weight.

By faking fast and huge weight loss (a Biggest Loser TV “week” may be three actual weeks) the TV show gives entirely false expectations. And starvation diets combined with 10 hours of intense exercise a day is impossible to do anyway, if you have a job.

A former season 2 contestant recently said that the reason NBC never does a reunion is “because we’re all fat again“.

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