Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sad But True

This would be funny if it weren’t so true. We feel way too secure when taking potentially dangerous drugs. And yet we’re afraid of simple, safe and effective lifestyle interventions.

Someone might object that there’s no proof that a diet change can help in depression. True. But it’s also true that antidepressants have been proven not to work in mild or moderate depressions. So statistically you’re likely better off betting on the diet change.

The probable reason that antidepressants are still commonly used in this situation is the massive advertising and misleading information from Big Pharma. This includes GSK committing scientific fraud causing the death of children and recently paying a $2 BILLION fine for it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to promoting new blockbuster drugs, this appears to be par for the course. The settlements are huge, but the enormous profits are many times bigger. So Big Pharma keeps exaggerating the benefits and hiding the dangers of their drugs.

So what should we be most careful with: experimental drugs or real food? Everyone ought to know the answer.


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