Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LCC: Pesto Chicken in Two Ways

Pesto ChickenPesto Chicken4.4 out of 5 stars5 star62%4 star21%3 star9%2 star6%1 star0%112 ratings112 Strict low carbStrict low carbFat81%Protein16%Carbs3%7 g carbs / serving Medium 15 + 30 m15 minutes preparation30 minutes cooking timefood

I’m taking our two-week low-carb challenge and yesterday it was time for one of my favorites, our Pesto Chicken. Yummy, even if my iPhone picture once again did not reach the professional food photographer level on the left.

Many people say the serving sizes on the challenge are bigger than they need be. There’s an easy solution to that: stop eating when you’re satisfied.

I had the opposite reaction, cooking the amount of food recommended I found the amount on the low side. I decided to add some butter. But then I am 6’7”.

Are you taking the low-carb challenge? What do you think of the serving sizes?

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