Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best of 2015: Why I Quit Coffee

Out of 500 blogposts last year this was the eighth most popular:

Why I Quit Coffee

Yep, a month ago I quit drinking coffee, cold turkey, from 8 cups a day.


I haven’t touched coffee yet, instead I’m sticking to naturally caffeine-free tea.

As I described in the post, quitting was quite a miserable experience during the first week. Then I started to feel better. But it’s not until the last week or so that I feel all the motivation is back – I felt slow and unmotivated for several weeks.

As coffee has some acute insulin- and glucose-raising effects I was speculating if quitting would result in minor weight loss (not that I needed it). That has not happened. Instead I felt distinctly hungrier, and may have gained a few pounds over the holidays (there could be other possible explanations, considering the timing).

In hindsight it still seems fairly obvious: caffeine is a stimulant, and stimulants usually suppress hunger and help weight loss.

I’m still happy with the decision to quit though. I feel calmer and more focused. I’m fully awake right away in the morning. And I love the feeling of not being addicted to caffeine.


As a bonus my blood pressure is down a bit more, averaging about 112/72. Caffeine raises blood pressure, being a stimulant, and quitting coffee lowers blood pressure. Low carb and intermittent fasting helps too.


Why I Quit Coffee

How to Normalize Your Blood Pressure

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