Saturday, December 5, 2015

Diabetes Reversed Using Low Carb on BBC – Again! – What Will Those Old-School Dietitians Say Now?

Do you want to see type 2 diabetes reversed on TV, using a low-carb approach? Here’s a new episode of Doctor in the House, and Dr. Chatterjee’s advice works just as well again.

Watch it above or via BBC if you’re in the UK.

One of the participants has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After around 5 weeks on a low-carb diet the disease is gone – all the tests are normal – and she’s lost around 30 pounds (13 kilos).

After episode one of the show old-school dietitians freaked out. Apparently doctors should not give their patients advice that helps them revolutionize their health. Especially not other advice than dietitians use to no noticeable effect at all.

Another approach would be to learn something. I hope a lot of dietitians are realizing the opportunity they have, helping their patients to achieve amazing results.


Doctor in the House – Watch Diabetes Reversed Using Low Carb on BBC, While Old-School Dietitians Freak Out


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