Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What a Big Tax on Soft Drinks Can Do


The soda tax in Mexico has been highly effective despite a very modest price increase. Consumption of soda is down 12 – 17% in a year. Imagine what a big tax would do for public health.

NYT: What a Big Tax on Soft Drinks Can Do

Obviously Big Sugar is still fighting the any tax initiative as if their very lives depend on it, just like Big Tobacco used to do (before they lost):

In other news, Coca-Cola is spreading doubt about the harm of sugar in yet another important way. It turns out that leading scientists who champion the “obesity paradox” – the controversial idea that minor weight issues are good for health – are massively funded by Coke, to the tune of millions of dollars, distorting the science:

VOX: The obesity paradox: Why Coke is promoting a theory that being fat won’t hurt your health

The only way to get rid of this massive distorsion of the science once and for all is to stop Coca-Cola from making massive profits while harming people’s health.

Without the massive profits Coke can’t pay millions of dollars to distort the science or politics. They can’t fund thousands of scientists, experts or lobbyists any more, to hide or distort the truth. That’s another way a big soda tax is going to improve the world.

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