Thursday, October 8, 2015

Peak Yogurt – Get Your TRIPLE Fat Yogurt Here


Do you want an 18% fat yogurt with no added sugar?

If you live in Sweden, like I do, you’ll just walk into any store and get it. Personally I eat some high-fat yogurt – and bacon & eggs – every weekend morning (I normally skip breakfast on weekdays). It’s a perfect low-carb high-fat start to the day.

In the US it’s apparently really hard to find high-fat yogurt with no added sugar. This is obviously an unacceptable situation. Fortunately a new startup – Peak Yoghurt – is trying to fix it. Check out their Indiegogo funding campaign here:

Peak Yogurt: Organic Triple Cream Yogurt

Fortunately there’s a massive trend towards higher-fat foods today (as evidenced by the recent Credit Suisse report) so Peak Yogurt should do great. Here’s a new story on the team behind it:

Forbes: Is This The Beginning Of The End For Nonfat Yogurt?


I have no financial or other ties to Peak Yogurt – I just like the idea.

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