Tuesday, October 13, 2015

McDonald’s 20-Minute Infomercial Coming to a School Near You

Unbiased education?

Can you eat at McDonald’s and lose weight (if they pay you to do it)? Yes, sure it’s possible. It just takes lots of willpower and planning. The second you start to eat everything you want – the human thing to do – you’ll instead start putting on excess weight, like everyone else eating there.

McDonalds is now taking a 20-minute infomercial to schools. They are trying to fool kids into thinking that just because it’s possible to lose weight eating at McDonald’s it’s not way easier to gain weight.

The Lunch Tray: “540 Meals:” A McDonald’s Infomercial Coming to a School Near You

Of course the science teacher losing weight eating at McDonald’s is now on McDonald’s payroll. It’s like the professor making big headlines for losing weight on a “Twinkie diet”. Later it turned out Coca-Cola was paying him big money.

Funny how the people who manage to lose weight eating fast food always seem to be paid to do it. Like it’s actually hard work or something…


The New – and Secretly Paid – Faces of Coca-Cola

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