Saturday, October 10, 2015

Help Get “The Pioppi Protocol” Made

Ok, so the Kickstarter for The Pioppi Protocol is off to a somewhat mediocre start, even though it’s picked up some speed just lately. After 4 days they’ve still barely made it 12% of the way to the £50,000 goal, and there are only 23 days left to go.

Why it matters

The problem is that if this Kickstarter fails the project is likely doomed and the movie won’t get made. That would be a shame. The people behind it – Donal O’Neill of Cereal Killers 1&2 fame, and Dr. Aseem Malhotra – are great at what they do and I’d really like to see them get this movie done.

Their project can help rescue the true health secrets of the Mediterranean region from the low-saturated-fat nonsense that some people still equate it with.

In reality a Mediterranean diet tends to be higher in fat than a standard Western diet, and depending on the region – Hi France! – it can also be very high in saturated fat, with a very heart-healthy population as a result. It would be great for more people to know that.

What you can do

Personally I chose to support the movie with $29. This not only gets me a digital copy of the movie to own, but I get to see it weeks before other people. Plus I’ll be part of getting it done.

Support O’Neill’s and Malhotras Kickstarter and get the movie


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