Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Calorie-Counting Machines “Won’t Help People Lose Weight”

The creators with their gadget

The creators with their gadget

Are you a gadget nerd, like me? And interested in what is actually in the foods that we eat? Then this hand-held molecular scanner (á la Star Trek) is a cool new thing.

Check out this brief video:

We’ll see how reliable it actually is. It can be ordered for $249 but the estimated shipping date is not until February 2016. I did order one and if it really is useful – or just fun – I’ll write a post about it here.

Of course whether it will be useful for dieters depend on how you use it. The ability to assist in calorie counting is likely to not help much, for all the usual reasons:

The Guardian: Calorie-counting machines won’t help people lose weight

On the other hand checking food items for the amount of adding sugar in them would at least be fun, and possibly even helpful. There may come a time when these sort of devices are exact enough to trust more than the label on a package.


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