Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The American Obesity Epidemic Reaches a New Record

The Obesity Epidemic

The CDC just released new statistics over the American obesity epidemic, up to 2014. The result? It keeps getting worse.

Five states moved to a higher category compared to 2013, none moved in the other direction. Compared to the 80’s it’s a brand new world – and not in a good way.

The simplistic “eat less, move more” message is still not working. Nor is sudden unexplained gluttony or laziness the cause of the epidemic.


Obesity is “Exploding” in Europe, Except in This Country

Before the Obesity Epidemic

The Big Fat Surprise


The methods behind the statistics changed a bit in 2010-2011. The surveys are based on telephone interviews and they had to change from landlines to cell phones. Thus the CDC discourages direct comparisons between the years prior to and after the change. However, it’s clear from the data in the years surrounding the change that the difference in methods had a relatively small impact – it’s hard to even notice it. It does not change the big picture.

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